Most marketing agencies don't know their microcontrollers from their microservices. We're not your normal marketing agency. We used to be developers, now we're writers and trained marketers.

In past lives we've run global software projects, written technical documentation, and founded open source projects. Now we help our clients to create marketing strategies and communicate with their customers.


What We Do




Digital Channels

Delivering marketing communications to drive growth requires insightful planning and flawless execution. We create strategies that align with your business objectives and either work with your in-house team to implement it, or do it for you.

We know how to write captivating content for tech audiences because we're part of that audience ourselves. We nail an authentic developer tone of voice that breathes life into your brand comms and clicks with your users.

It doesn't matter if we're writing landing pages or ad campaign copy, our writing gets results. Our blog posts have driven 100x increases in web traffic for our clients, and been featured in industry news outlets.


google analytics 100x session growth
Our content has driven 100x increases in traffic

But even the best content is useless if no one sees it. We help clients with SEO to improve search rankings and increase organic search traffic over the long term. For more immediate results, we use paid search and social to efficiently target users.


More of what we do

"BayLibre enjoys working with Read Modify Write because they produce great results with minimal effort from our side. Our SEO is better than ever and our pages outrank larger, more establishes sites. Since they started working with us we've seen a 94.34% increase in users coming to our site."

Michael Turquette
CEO, BayLibre


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