Most agencies don't know their microcontrollers from their microservices

It’s rare for an agency to have real experience building technology. And that makes it hard for them to create marketing plans or write about your technical products and services. It means you need to double-check every piece of copy to make sure it’s technically accurate. It’s a lot of extra work on your plate. And let’s be honest, if you’re running a business or marketing department, your plate is already plenty full.

Sure your developers can help out. Maybe they can write the odd blog post here and there. But shouldn’t they be doing the jobs you hired them to do? Working in the trenches, fixing bugs and shipping code.

Thankfully, there’s a middle ground – we combine the marketing expertise of an agency with the technical expertise of an engineering team. We’re not your normal marketing agency. We’re former developers.

We provide frictionless marketing consulting for tech companies. In past lives, we’ve run global software projects, written technical documentation, and founded open source projects. Now we help our clients to create marketing strategies and communicate with their customers.

Here are some of the tech brands we’ve worked with:

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