As developers building open-source products, we wanted to work with marketers that knew what it was like to ship software. When we couldn’t find any, we learned how to market things ourselves. Then we created a marketing agency so that we could show other software teams how to do it.

We use our backgrounds in computer science, and our understanding of developers, to help tech companies all over the world. We’ve worked with software firms, open-source software and hardware consultancies, and training companies to promote their products and bring them customers.

Our Story

Read Modify Write was founded in 2017 by open-source maintainer, Matt Fleming. After figuring out how to promote the products he built while at Intel and SUSE, Matt wanted to help other developers do the same.

So he began working with companies that wanted help from a marketing-trained developer that could seamlessly translate between the engineering and marketing departments.

With his wife, Helen, and a small team of freelancers, he now helps tech companies on 3 continents reach their customers and sell their software.

Where Does the Name Come From?

Read-modify-write is a class of operations and algorithms that atomically update a value in memory. It also contains the word “write”, and copywriting was the main service we offered our customers when we launched.

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