Can Your Business Grow Without New Customers?

I’m currently in the middle of reading Company of One by Paul Jarvis. It’s a pretty good read so far, and he talks about thoughtful, intentional growth being a workable model for a small company. That’s definitely an idea I can get behind, and one we try to live by...

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Jargon is how we learn

We work in B2B marketing which means we deal with technical words every day. Many copywriters claim that the best way to write is with simple language, and while copy should be as simple as possible to read, there’s no escaping technical jargon when writing for tech brands.

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The false dichotomy of traditional and digital marketing

When I first started working in marketing I thought the division between traditional and digital marketing was sign of a fundamental difference. I mean, agencies label themselves as specialising in “digital marketing”, so you’d think it was a pretty important distinction, right?

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Understanding Your Brand's Tone of Voice

Copywriters and marketers like to spend a lot of time talking about “tone of voice”. There are thousands of blog posts that discuss it, and workshops and seminars that help you develop it. If you’re lucky enough to have a style guide, that’s usually where you’ll find a tone of...

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Why you shouldn't use GitHub to host your marketing material

Hosting services like GitHub are excellent for storing your important files and documents in a publicly accessible place. If you’re an engineer who spends all day pushing code with git, it makes perfect sense to use it for all those other things you need to keep safe.

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